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Water Management

If your home today is not water metered, it soon will be. Water Management is a priority for every homeowner. Why?

  • Increased water use costs you money
  • Conserving water is important to us all

Nationwide, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for almost one-third of all residential water use. Lawn Pro Landscaping and Maintenance has the design and installation skills, coupled with the latest technologies, to save you money and add real value to your home. Whether you need a new landscape installed or want to create a more efficient landscape, Lawn Pro has the COST EFFECTIVE solution.

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Existing Landscape System Renovation
It starts with a solid plan of action. At Lawn Pro, the experience we've gained through the years has developed an action plan that works to perfection. Let's review the process steps.

First, we conduct a complete assessment of the existing lawn, plants, bushes and trees. We check the water demand of all landscape materials.

Second, we conduct a complete irrigation system test. We look at the system coverage, overspray, head placement, and the equipment condition of the manifold, heads and drip lines.

Third, we talk to you about how you like the current layout. Does it work well? Are there areas with intense water demand that visually are rarely seen? Many times, homeowners started with an original design that was ideal and now isn't practical or necessary.

Fourth, we talk to you about what you'd like to have. Do you now want more garden, rock-scape or planter area and less water-demanding lawn area? Do you want to add walkways, patio cooking systems and/or enlarged patio areas for entertaining?

Fifth, we develop a renovation budget and design plan that provides real water savings that translates to dollars back in your pocket. Additionaly, we can provide excellent financing options through John Deer Credit, a nationwide leader in the landscape industry.

Sixth, we implement the plan with our performance warranty and create a result that beautifies your home, adds value and does not disrupt your normal living routine.

Contact us today to discuss your landscape needs. And don't forget... once your new landscape is installed, Lawn Pro can provide ongoing premium yard maintenance services. | 916.625.9282